Building on the success of the bestselling Airbrush Plush range, we have launched the new Airbrush Plush Surprise Plush.

Each pack comes with a surprise plush for you to decorate in any style you choose with the fun airbrush tool & chalk pens!  Airbrush Plush Surprise Plush, is an adorable soft toy, provides the perfect blank canvas for anyone with an eye for design or just feeling creative! Each cute soft toy has a bright, white plush fur which can be washed clean repeatedly – simply wash under the tap, leave to dry, and you can style your plushie all over again.

Using the airbrush tool with the special pop coloured chalk-based markers you can spray directly onto the fur or choose from the 25 stencils included to create wonderful patterns and designs across the cute plush body. The possibilities are endless!

The first collectible that has been introduced to the range, there are 12 different cute surprise plushies to collect including a Poodle, Dragon, Unicorn, Husky, Puffer, Koala, Shark, Birdie, Bear, Kitty, Seal and Monkey.

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