Dream big and make professional looking videos

If you dream of winning an Oscar one day as Best Director or perhaps you want to be an expert TikTok or Insta influencer starting your own video production at home is easy. Although your favourite influencers have professional equipment when they started out they were probably just using their phones.

Our Studio Creator LED Deluxe Kit gives you a huge advantage, enabling you to create your own videos with an instant professional look. Full of amazing accessories that take your videos to another level including a 5m LED light strip which you can use to decorate your performance space, adjust the mood in seconds and design the atmosphere to suit the vibe of your video. Also inside the kit are a dimmable, colour changing light ring – with over 12 light modes you can adjust and change your lighting to suit the project and a 1M tripod to let you set up your camera for the perfect shot. Changing colour can instantly affect the atmosphere – blue can be calming, yellow bright and cheerful and green or red a more dramatic tone.

Share your passions with tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to share your passion and build up fans. With the Studio Creator LED Deluxe you can set up an impressive XL green screen and design imaginative backdrops to suit your video content.
Imagine doing hints and tips or a tutorial on the perfect summer wardrobe – you could select the green screen and choose a wonderful holiday backdrop. Perhaps you want to demonstrate your fantastic cooking skills – so why not design a backdrop of your own café or restaurant.
When you get started you don’t have a crew to help you – that’s why using a tripod to hold your phone is essential. Set it up and then you can do the rest, look through the phone to check you are happy with the background, dress the set and then hit record!

Top tips for super videos

  • Decide why you are making the video – what’s your purpose? Do you want to do a tutorial, are you trying to make people laugh or are you sharing your passion for a hobby?
  • Write a script and rehearse – just like performing for a school play. If you practice before you start recording you will feel more confident. Plus you are less likely to make mistakes which will make it quicker to edit your final video.
  • Costumes – think about what clothes you are going to wear. Will they work with the background you’ve selected? Look for inspiration online and see what your favourite TikTok or YouTube or Instagrammers wear.
  • Lighting – this is so crucial, use our LED Deluxe Kit with the 5m LED light strip for cool lighting effects or the colour LED light ring and adjust the settings to compliment the location. This way your XL green screen effect will really look professional.

Don’t forget to share your video masterpieces with us!
We love to see what our fans have designed and created. Use the hashtag #studiocreator and tag us on your socials. We cannot wait to see your fabulous videos!

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