Summer is fast approaching and we can start to get outdoors! There’s no better to time to get your child into a new hobby that will keep them entertained for hours, something that they can share with their family and friends. Something that they can take with them, everywhere! You might ask, how can I get my child into photography? We’ve put together some handy tips on to do just that! Here are a few ways to get your child interested in photography:

  1. Provide them with a camera: A simple point-and-shoot camera, without the distractions that a smart phone can provide, such as media and game apps. A camera that is fun and easy to use.
  2. Encourage them to practice: Encourage your child to take photos of things that interest them and to experiment with different angles and lighting.
  3. Take them to photography exhibits: Taking your child to photography exhibits can expose them to different styles and techniques and inspire their creativity.
  4. Enroll them in a photography class or workshop: There are many photography classes and workshops available specifically for children that can teach them the basics and provide them with guidance and feedback.

Remember, the most important thing is to encourage your child’s creativity and let them have fun with photography. Once they have a camera, or if they have one already, here are some fun photography lessons you can provide for your child!

  1. Take photos of nature: Encourage your child to explore the outdoors and take pictures of plants, animals, and landscapes.
  2. Play with angles: Show your child how changing the angle of the camera can create a different perspective and composition.
  3. Experiment with lighting: Teach them how to use natural and artificial light to enhance their photos.
  4. Focus on details: Encourage your child to look closely at their subject and capture its unique features and textures.
  5. Use props: Have fun with props like hats, toys, or costumes to create playful and imaginative photos.
  6. Try black and white: Show them how converting photos to black and white can add drama and depth.
  7. Take photos of animals: Have fun taking pictures of animals, like your family pet. Different subjects can be challenging, but fun and sometimes rewarding!
  8. Use reflections: Show kids how to use reflections in water, mirrors, or windows to create interesting and abstract images.
  9. Play with colour: Teach your child to use their observation skills, set a challenge to only take photos of subjects of a specific colour, e.g. red.
  10. Tell a story: Encourage kids to use their photos to tell a story or capture a moment in time.

Encouraging your child’s interest in photography can not only develop their creative skills but also improve their observation and communication skills. Remember to give them the freedom to experiment, explore and make mistakes. Praise their efforts and celebrate their accomplishments. With your guidance and support, your child can become a skilled photographer and capture beautiful memories for a lifetime.

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