So Slime DIY Magical Slime 3 Pack

So Slime DIY Magical Slime 3 Pack

Create 3 magical colour-reveal DIY slimes from scratch in 3 potion bottle shakers! Mix, shake and decorate!

Original no glue, no mess, no fuss slime! Just choose your magical slime ingredients from the potion recipe card, add water to the slime powders, then mix together in the shaker. Easy! Which colour and fortune will you reveal?!

Add your magical decorations & enjoy the different satisfying slime sensations as you stretch, twist & squish! Store your creations in the potion bottles provided.

  • SLIME MEETS MAGIC: Enjoy the fun of So Slime DIY with a magical twist! Create 3 colour reveal slimes with magical decorations & potion bottle storage shakers!
  • MAGICAL EXTRAS: Use the potion recipe card to create magical slime recipes & see what fortune is revealed when you mix the ingredients!
  • SAFE DIY SLIME: No mess, no glue, no fuss! Just add water to your slime powders, shake & enjoy original DIY slime play!
  • 3 Potion shakers
  • 3 Bags of colour reveal powder
  • 3 Bags of slime powder
  • 3 Bags of decorations
  • 1 Magical Slime recipe card
  • Instructions

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